The Bleu Cheese Stuffed olive is the long time Favorite and “Go To” Choice of Olive Lovers and Martini Drinkers the World over.  The Foundation is the delicious and delightful taste of a luscious Green and Slightly Salty Queen Olive.  The Flavor of the Creamy, yet somewhat tangy Bleu Cheese, filling the center of the Olive’s Pit Hole gives this wonderful combination the sensation of both a firm and bold olive flavor and mouth feel with the creamy and yet tangy taste of the Bleu Cheese.  These two combinations are a perfect marriage for simply eating or soaking up the ‘Martini of the Night’.

Leonard Mountain has long been known for having the Perfect Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olive.  With both the right amount of salt coupled with the best olive and filled with the most flavorful Bleu Cheese, this makes a Marriage of two old long time favorites.  Try these from Leonard Mountain with our label or better yet let us put your label on the jar and make it  your own.