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Leonard Mountain has a long history of serving

our customers with integrity and excellence.

Leonard Mountain Inc. is a privately held company and has always been so.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality olives to our customers with efficiency and ease.  We work together as a family, the principals and the staff to provide the best atmosphere possible for each other.  We believe that every job is important and there is not a job that is better than another.  The owners have been known to be mistaken for the cleaning crew and also the stuffing crew by folks from the outside.

We started as a small company.  We hired local people who really needed employment.  Today, many still work for us, but they have evolved into very skilled at what they do.  They have learned the tasks and grow with the growth of Leonard Mountain Inc.  Because of their dedication and attention to detail, we have been able to pack and ship the best possible olives for our customers.  Our staff value the work they do for you because it is not just a job for them  – it is a passion.

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